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Jack Dempsey Cichlid

Jack Dempsey Cichlid

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Jack Dempsey, or Rocio octofasciata, are fish from the Cichlidae family.

Most cichlids are either from Africa or America. Jack Dempseys are no exception and are found in slow-moving waters across North and Central America, such as Mexico and Honduras. Cichlids have diversified rapidly in these areas.

They have now been established in the warm waters of Australia and Thailand, where it’s known locally as the Mexican Blue Frontosa.

This carnivorous fish usually lives up to 8-10 years but can survive until 15 years old if kept in a healthy environment.

Most pet stores sell them for $5-10 – rarer varieties can cost a bit more though.

It might be a little harder to find a particular color if you have a specific variety in mind.