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TRITON N-DOC Laboratory Seawater Analysis

TRITON N-DOC Laboratory Seawater Analysis

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The revolutionary test for nitrogen, as well as dissolved organic and inorganic carbon

Finally, aquarists can control, manipulate and understand the nutrients in their aquariums, and thus professionally influence coral nutrition, bacteria, cyanobacteria and algae in reef aquariums.


N-DOC laboratory analysis

Gain insight into complex organic systems in seawater: carbon and nitrogen

Use the TRITON ratio (N: C: P *) to manage the nutrients in the aquarium and to control their influence on corals, bacteria and algae in reef aquariums. (* Note: The P-value is measured separately via a recent ICP test or manually.)

Eliminate problems caused by blind dosing
Use for problem solving and determine the need for a water change

Problem solving for common problems such as tissue necrosis, disturbing bacteria, algal blooms and cyanobacteria

Measure the true carbonate hardness in the form of inorganic carbon that your corals can really use